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Long time ago, there were five men in a prison in a remote area. Isolated from the outside world that were full of various problems and still unresolved. The five men were imprisoned not without cause. All of them were rebels who tried to overthrow the goverment. Like a group with idiology, weapon and not afraid to die.

The prison was very secret and only inhabited by the five inmates, and seen a prison guard. The prison was so different with a ordinary prison, because all of the inmates were very loyal to their ideology each.

Need to know that ideology didn’t only cling on all of them who are at the top leadership chains, figures, or a well-known person of the struggle. The five men were only the ordinary persons, but had commitment that their ideologies were the most true ideology. All of them got captured without regretting and fearing to keep the ideology.

In fact the most of them who were willing to die for the ideology, rarely known by many people. Because it was a habit that the top leaders always lived, died and known all the time. That was like when we started reading autobiography books. Always, there was the main characters who told, others were only as the supporting characters. The five men, absolutely, were only the main character complement how to the world got run by persons who had capacity and capability, no they didn’t.

Some people said it was chaos, terrorism, and crimes against humanity. Others said that it was part of the struggle. The struggle was to get recognition that their ideologies to get dominant.

“This was a struggle, that ideology is the first basic for a person or group to take further action,” said someone among the five people.

Hearing the one of the five inmates said, the others only glanced and nodded the head. All of them nodded the head, despite didn’t understand one another. They had to do because all of the inmates were the friends in a prison cell. (All of them didn’t understand one another, because of the language each).

One year later…

Lagosa still fixed glasses, while guarding the five who never stopped humming. Everyday, he only looked at them in order that all of them, didn’t escape or kill one another. To escape, Lagosa thought impossible, because prison was far away from human habitation.

“What keep them going?” Logasa was indeed interested to know what the five people thought. Despite, Lagosa didn’t understand the languages from all of the inmates, “Why those people don’t kill one another, or get suicide?”

Same like Lagosa did, the five inmates also looked at Lagosa everyday. “What is he thinking? One year has passed without knowing the Lagosa mind who always keeps guard?”

The time got pass so fast, eventually two years had passed and the circumstance was still same. All of them still thought one another without understanding, what did they think. Just older, then, one by one died with each their ideology without quarrels, clash and dominating one another.

The six persons lived in peace, but didn’t have any ambitions and tend to look crazy by themselves. (The six persons, one person was a prison guard and the five were the inmates, had different languages and ideologies. Until all of them passed away, nobody understood one another).

“Who can keep going, if get imprisioned so long without information intakes or new things for learning. There was no any book and learning like ordinary person. But, the most terrible is not able to share their stories one another.”

Two years passed, no one of the persons above could tell their stories, one another… Why we had to be put in the same prison so long.

An expert with the biggest mistake

A man aged more from half a century old, named Locus murmured by himself after read a report of research that brought by his staff.

The murmur of the man referred to research project was titled “twenty years by six persons”. Which one of his idea had been realized. The idea was not the only that owned by the institution. Only one idea that hoped to make the world became better.

The workers at the institution were from various nations, cultures and different habits. The main idea of the research covered languages, cultures and different habits so that made the world got better again. As everyone knew if natural disasters came from God, whoever couldn’t prevent. So, all the project referred to disasters because of human behavioral, namely war and crimes against humanity.

“If there are stories to make the world better with one leader, it is maybe not as an answers,” Locus murmured while reading the report on the right hand. His thought only there were about conspiracy. “By the way, who is person all over the world want to be lead by someone from different nation and ideology. So, the fundamental problem is language.”

“But, i think we are here, can be united because a foreign language (english),” said the document-bringing staff named Waki.

“Do you know? The foreign language that we use at present, not everyone or human race all over the world can understand,” Locus explained.

“So?” the 30-aged staff didn’t still understand.

“If there is a story of world-uniting with one leadership. Why we can’t create a language that all nations, later can understand one another. I think no one want to be lead by people from other nations that have differences of the ideology?” Locus said. “So, we maybe can create one new language that combined from 7.000 languages all over the world, and create one new language. Do you know why have to all?” said him.

“No,” shake the Waki’s head .

“It must be done in order that no one feel forgotten althought the world have so many leaders. So, a talk in a coffe cafe can be a solving of security problem and humanitarian crisis in the world.”

200 Years Later Destruction Become Bigger

The project of twenty years by five persons had been realized to all over the world. At least two to three generations had been able to understand one another without borders even though they were led by different nations. But, the fact that language without borders was a fatal mistake. Because everyone could get new information one another without filters (institutions are in the process of filtered information that enter, leaders or figures who given a mandate by God for intelligence, such as scientists, students and all people who disciplined to seek knowledge, etc.) .

All of information that entered to a personal person on all of stratum all over the world. Without borders and lines in searching for knowledge, all people felt them the most influential. The world would had been better, absolutely, that was wrong. The equating of the world language was even able to destroy faster the world. Because, one word was misunderstood, it was able to trigger mass destruction, despite we all knew it also could make better the world.

Then, conflict became bigger and was not hundreds of thousands or millions. But, eventually all of the human race, namely about billions of the ideologied people, all of them spread their speechs to get influence in massive without controls. At the end, the knowledge instead destroyed the world more massive than everyone had thought.

All of people wanted to be able to understand one another without borders, namely language. But, to understand whatever a foreign language, needed to discipline, persistence, and the knowledge understanding that not everyone was able to achieve. And when all of them could achieve whatever language that was able to unite, everyone had had the information filter called as a reading material from the qualified, tested and patient persons.

So could be said that God created a lot of language in order to be the tool of the information filter among one nation to other nations. Not to group the human life.

God had created the information filter that honestest among human race, namely language.

Aji Nugroho


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